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A little history


The history of Tyler county can be traced back to the before the Revolution.  Three Americans recieved land grants from Mexican Authorities in 1834  and settled here.  Thirty-five more Americans recieved land grants a year later.   Tyler County was originally established in 1842 under the name Minard Distract from apart of Liberty County.  Tyler County was permanently established by the Texas Legislature in 1846 in honor of after President John Tyler. 

Before the Civil War, Tyler County's families made enough for themselves.  Families had mainly corn, sweet potatoes, molasses, and home-slaughtered animals.   Ninety-nine percentof the people supported succession in 1861.

Fast forward 20 years later.  Economic growth shifted.   Because of the vast timber, the railroad was coming.   People wanted to make use for the immense amount of timber in this area.  In 1842 the the Sabine and East Texas Railroad constructed a railroad from Kountze to Rockland.  Twenty-nine miles of railroad was constructed across the northern part of the county, then several small spurs to help with the hauling of the timber.  

Because of the railroad the timber industry in this area was established.   Nineteen saw mills were built, and the population of the county nearly doubled from 1880-1890 when it reached 10,876.  In 1950 the timber industry was the major employer her providing jobs for 876 of 3,310 men who were over 14 years of age.   

Today, residents working in timber along with farming and fishing in Tyler County, are listed 5.71 times higher then other counties.  

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