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Cypress lakes lodge
Cypress lakes lodge


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Warren ISD-  Jessica Lambeth (District Teacher of the Year), Dr. Tammy Boyette (Superintendent), Robin Glidden (Principal), and Jacob Spivey (Chamber Treasurer)


Spurger ISD-  Carla Odom (District Teacher of the Year),  Morgan Wright (Superintendent), Jason Drake (Principal) and Jacob Spivey (Chamber Treasurer)


Woodville ISD- Laura Whigham (District Teacher of the Year), Mrs. Mysenburg (Superintendent), Kevin Frauenberger (Principal), Barrett Steed (Assistant Principal), Leann Monk (Chamber President)


Chester ISD- Tessa (Lacox) Watts (District Teacher of the Year), Katie Loughner (Principal), Emily Watson (Assistant Principal), Leann Monk (Chamber President)


Colmesneil IMPACT award- Walter McAlpin (high/middle school principal)

Also Pictured- Wife- Renea McAlpin and Leann Monk Chamber President.  

    "Walter McAlpin, Colmesneil Middle School and High School principal was awarded the IMPACT award from the Tyler County Chamber of  Commerce on May 7th in front of the high school student body. Chamber president Leann Monk presented the award and explained to the students why he was selected. Monk told the students, "The IMPACT award has only been given one other time. I created this award a few years back because I recognized that there are some educators that never get recognized because of the position they hold within the district. In this particular case, Mr. McAlpin has been an excellent educator and principal, but that is not the sole reason for his award today."  She went on to say, " Over the last few years, the community of Colmesneil has seen it's unfair share of setbacks, disappointments, bad times, losses and tragedies. I know, we all know, how hard it is to keep going after those things hit too close to home. We all know how hard it is to remember to smile, remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other, all while trying hard not to forget what was lost. I chose Mr. Mac for this award or recognition for a couple of reasons. I know Mr. Mac to be a friend to my girls, and at times their spiritual advisor. I know him to be their biggest supporter - always rooting for Colmesneil and Colmesneil kids. I know the Walter that has walked these halls praying for the kids that have and would walk them. I know the Walter that has shared in all of the ups and downs with every kid here - past and present. But I also know the kind of man it takes to see your students, family and community fall apart and still stand strong. I've watched over the years how principals and educators come and go and I've seen the faces change. But in my mind, Walter is a constant. He is always there, waiting to do what is needed for whatever the circumstance demands. Basically I chose Walter McAlpin because he has been the constant for these kids, their parents and the community of Colmesneil. He's been the guy, along with others, but he's been the man that stood with these kids - held them, cried with them, laughed with them and encouraged them. Most educators do this on a daily basis and Walter is no exception. What I'm trying to say, is for me, this man has been there, day in and day out - he's the constant, holding it all together."  The Chamber of Commerce is proud to have Mr. Walter McAlpin as the second IMPACT award winner for his dedication to the students, families and community of Colmesneil."           - Leann Monk




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